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Cheers to Good Health in 2022

Transwestern Wellness Ambassadors reflected on a year of healthy initiatives and shared a few of their resolutions for the coming year. Thanks to each of them for taking on added responsibility to make our individual and collective wellness goals fun!


My goal every year is to Be Better in every aspect of my life: better at monitoring my health, better at monitoring my mind, and just simply pushing forward to be a better person. Can I be kinder? Can I take on that extra project? Can I do that extra pushup? I challenge you to do the same!
Kat Jubuisson, Miami

In 2022, I aim to eat fewer sweets, which means updating my office candy jar to healthier options. Sorry coworkers. 😉
Kaitlyn Harp, Houston

If you failed to achieve your health goals in 2021, that’s okay! Take advantage of the Asset Health resources and start now.
Carolyn Guerrero, San Antonio


Transwestern has provided a platform with endless opportunities to make wellness fun and interactive. Challenge yourself every day to be a better version of yourself!
Becky Burns, Houston

The Wellness portal introduced last year offers so many quick, valuable courses that can help team members form healthier habits.
Elise Pantazis, Houston

I’ve found that nutrition and physical activity reporting helps with accountability.
Kelli Rapisardi, Los Angeles


I always remind myself and others that a healthy outside starts from the inside.
Samantha Schneider, San Antonio

I am committed to a future in which our building is engaged with the local community and together we enhance and support the wellbeing of our occupants.
Neal Perkey, Los Angeles

Health is about bringing balance to your life. And that makes all of us better teammates.
Lysa Horan, Anaheim

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