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On the Mic (September 2021)

Earlier this month, Atlanta’s Clark Dean participated in an executive roundtable on space planning and capital investment hosted by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The group, which included representatives from SquareFoot, Brightworth, Falcone Capital Holdings, Cutting Edge Firewood, three, Vari, HatchWorks, FBR Design Group, and, discussed how to best help organizations plan for office space needs going forward.

Clark shared how Transwestern helped Randstad, an HR consulting and staffing agency, to reposition its portfolio of approximately 300 offices in 30 regions around the country. Hired in January 2020, Transwestern was in the middle of pulling data to drive the repositioning when Covid hit.

He said, “We had this interesting look into how people behave as teams when they were in person and then how those behaviors changed on the other side of pandemic. We used that information to change the way they’re looking at the real estate. We reduced the overall square footage of Randstad in Atlanta by half, but the space they have is radically different, and it’s designed to attract people from all over the metro area because of the experience it offers.”

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