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Health is the Name of the Game

Transwestern team members are engaging with the resources provided through our new health vendor, Asset Health, and it’s paying off in more ways than one! Adolfo Valle was the lucky recipient of an Amazon gift card for completing the June featured course, Guide to Men’s Health.

For those participating in Transwestern’s Points Program, Period One has ended. Raffle winners include:

  • Lauren McCloskey – $250
  • Joshua Harlow – $500
  • John Reamer – $750
  • Nami Richardson – $1,000
  • Paige Parker – $2,000

Want to get in on the competition? Learn more about the Asset Health Points Program here. Period Two is underway and the next companywide challenge kicks off on Aug. 2. Earn 300 points by learning about the importance of hydration and recording water intake during the month of August.

In addition, there are a few days remaining to complete the July featured course, Overcoming Depression, which teaches how to recognize the symptoms of depression and how to get the help you or a loved one may need. Sign in to the Asset Health portal via OneLogin.

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