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Make a List and Check It Twice

Human Resources has some end-of-year reminders to get ready for 2021:

Time Off: For 2020 only, Transwestern has adjusted its normal vacation carryover policy from 50{486b2a1f74edcc5180758f2b50c14395cd5abf419f5fc0bc049abfed8e823f44} of annual vacation accrual to 75{486b2a1f74edcc5180758f2b50c14395cd5abf419f5fc0bc049abfed8e823f44} of annual vacation accrual. As in the past, team members may carry over up to 160 hours of sick time into the new year. Don’t forget to use your personal hours before year end, as they will reset in 2021.

Workday Verification: Log in to check your Workday information and make updates to your personal record as needed. Essential information includes your home address where your 2020 W2 will be mailed, your work address and your emergency contacts.

Revenue Updates: In 2021, Social Security taxable earnings will increase to $142,800. 401(k) contribution limits will remain at $19,500 with an additional $6,500 catch-up for those 50 and older. If you want to change your contribution, log into Fidelity at or contact Fidelity Member Services at 800.890.4015.

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