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2020 Annual Enrollment Underway

Benefits Annual Enrollment closes Friday, Nov. 8. Take action to enroll in, or make changes to, your current benefit elections for 2020. This includes completing the Tobacco Free Pledge, Spousal Provision and HSA Attestation, and electing your contributions into next year’s health and dependent care pre-tax spending accounts, as these elections will not roll over. You can access the Benefits Enrollment Portal through Workday.

Even if you do not wish to make changes, it is important to review your elections for next year, including the new employer-provided Short Term Disability (STD) plan for eligible team members.The Premium Incentive Program – providing $900 or $1,800 in savings, depending on the plan selected – also must be completed by Nov. 8. Elections made during this annual enrollment period cannot be changed in 2020 unless you experience a qualifying life event.

Note: If you add new dependents onto Medical, Dental or Vision coverage, you must submit documentation to verify their eligibility. You’ll receive a request from ADP Dependent Verification Services and documentation must be submitted within 30 days of completing enrollment.

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